Book Illustration


My first picture book,  An Tractar agus an Liobht (The Tractor and the Lift), won the Children’s Book Award at the 2011 Royal National Mòd. My second book, Cairistìona Camaillean agus an sgòth dhraodheil (Christina Chameleon and the magic cloud), won the award again in 2015. I wrote and illustrated both books in the Scottish Gaelic language for Acair Books. My third book, Sly Cooking: 42 irresistible Gaelic words (2017), marks a departure from my usual digital illustration methods, with all 43 images handprinted from lino.


I have also coloured illustrations by other artists for several books published by Barrington Stoke, including two written by Julia Donaldson, of The Gruffalo fame. The illustrations themselves were drawn in black and white by the wonderfully talented Hannah Shaw, and I am very glad that she likes what I did.


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