• Nasty Woman!

    I am a Nasty Woman! As a direction reaction to Donald Trump, the Nasty Women Amsterdam exhibition is raising money for charities supporting women’s rights and equality. It was the perfect show for my print, Waiting to Hear if the World has Gone Mad, which I made on US Election Day, expressing how I felt about all …

  • 15 minutes of fame

    Dutch News interviewed me about the joys of getting to know the Netherlands. Read it here!

  • When mistakes are good

    Today I tried a new trick I’d heard about, for fixing mistakes in linocuts. It didn’t work, and I found myself relieved. Here’s why I love honesty marks.

  • How to get perfect registration with Ternes Burton pins

    A how-to for using Ternes Burton registration pins to make the perfect multi-block or reduction linocut.